Saving Card for Young and Old

More than 22,000 users throughout Switzerland are already convinced by the Casual Card. This is a savings card that grants its owners extensive discounts, perks and free lifestyle access. Whether restaurants, clubs, fashion stores or wellness facilities - with the Casual Card, it is possible to enjoy exclusive lifestyle offers and at the same time spare your own budget.

" Your Lifestyle Is Our Mission" is the motto of the Casual Card. Above all, this motto means that lifestyle and exclusivity should not be reserved exclusively for the better-off. With the Casual Card, every consumer enjoys delicious food, trendy fashion and visits to hot clubs.

The Right Saving Card for Everyone

Depending on your wishes and needs, different versions of the savings card called Casual Card are available. For example, the Purple Edition is planned for young people between the ages of 16 and 18.

This is the perfect companion for the way into adulthood. This casual card is free and allows young lifestyle hungry people to make great discounts with savings card partners in Switzerland. At the same time, it helps to deal sensibly with your own budget and to save meaningfully.

The other two variants of the savings card are intended for all people who value a certain extra of luxury and exclusivity. The Casual Card in the White Edition offers even higher discounts and free admission to various clubs in Switzerland, which are among the company’s cooperation partners. In addition, the Casual Card White Edition includes special VIP service, gift service and regular specials for members. The savings card in the Black Edition offers even more VIP feeling. It guarantees, for example, access to VIP areas of the partner clubs or privileged services in first-class hotels near the corresponding nightclub.

Win -Win Situation through Saving Card

The casual card offers countless advantages for its members in Switzerland. But the partner companies of the Casual Card also benefit from the cooperation. Because one thing is very clear: As a partner of the savings card, the company’s reputation increases significantly. Lured by discounts on the casual card, new customers enter the business and sales increase noticeably.

In addition, the cooperation with the Casual Card includes a number of attractive advertising options. The partners of the savings card are not only present on the homepage of the casual card. They also benefit from rotating advertising in the newsletter of the savings card and in “First the Magazine”, the magazine of the casual card.

Saving Card with its Own Magazine

The Casual Card is aimed at anyone who is interested in lifestyle topics. True to the motto of the casual card, the advantages of the savings card are not limited to attractive offers and discounts. Interested readers from Switzerland can learn about lifestyle topics of all kinds, for example about wellness, sports, celebrities, travel and much more via “First the Magazine”.
” First the Magazine” is published every three months and achieved every time over 10,000 people. Always entertaining and up-to-date, the editorial staff of the magazine keeps their readers up to date on lifestyle.