The profitable discount card for lifestyle offers

The Profitable Discount Card for Lifestyle Offers

If you enjoy going out and value your lifestyle, you know it all too well: celebrating, eating out and shopping extensively can go into the money. It therefore seems that only high earners in Switzerland can pursue these beautiful things of life to their heart’s content. But that’s not the case. With the Casual Card, the lifestyle discount card, there are sensational discounts on various lifestyle offers in Switzerland.

Discounts on shopping, free entry to exclusive clubs or a very special VIP service – the Casual Card offers the right discount card for every need. For example, the Casual Card Purple Edition is the right card for teens and young adults. It grants great discounts on many leisure activities and thus spares the wallet. If you like it more exclusive and would like to enjoy VIP benefits, you are better off with the Casual Card White or Black Edition.

Companies benefit from a discount card

But not only for the consumer is the use of the Casual Card discount card absolutely worthwhile. Even casual card partners in Switzerland benefit from numerous advantages. First and foremost, of course, is the increase in awareness of the company through the actions of the discount card. This increases customer frequency as well as sales.

But that’s not all. The Casual Card Discount Card also fulfills promotional purposes. On the one hand, promotion campaigns take place in the catchment area of ​​the respective partner. On the other hand, both on the homepage of the casual card and in the newsletter of the discount card rotating advertisement of the various partners can be found. In this way, clubs, restaurants, boutiques and other lifestyle companies in Switzerland can secure long-term profits by making only a small investment.

The discount card with lifestyle magazine

The Casual Card Discount Card has another special feature that benefits both consumers and partners. Four times a year “First the Magazine” is published with a circulation of more than 10,000 copies. Casual Card Customers in Switzerland can find out all sorts of interesting facts about lifestyle here. Star Gossip and background articles are also featured in “First the Magazine” as are fashion trends and beauty tips. In the informative and entertaining articles from the “First the Magazine” editorial the reader learns everything he needs in everyday life.

The advantage of using the Casual Card discount card is the advantage of advertising in the magazine. The high circulation and the regular appearance of “First the Magazine” guarantee that the advertising measures reach a large number of readers. New partners of the discount card have the opportunity to present themselves to their customers.

" Yes" to the Casual Card Discount Card

There are therefore many reasons to choose the casual card – for both consumers and potential partner companies in Switzerland. The procedure is very simple in both cases. Companies that want to become partners of the Casual Card simply fill in a partner application, but have the possibility to arrange a personal appointment if they have any questions.

Consumers who are interested in the casual card must first opt ​​for one of the three variants. Whether Purple, White or Black Edition – the application for the Casual Card can easily be completed online. Soon after, the customer can take advantage of numerous discounts on lifestyle offers in Switzerland.