Immediately access! Get your Casual Card "White Edition"

Casual Card "White Edition"

The CASUAL CARD White Edition will meet your high expectations. With our partners you enjoy your life to the fullest. In addition to huge price advantages (up to 20%) and FREE entries in selected clubs, we ensure you a place on the Guestlist cool events. You save money in:

• Restaurants, bars, hotels
• Clothing stores, boutiques
• Nail salons, beauty salons, hairdressers
• DVD rental, gym, car rental

Simply be VIP to yourself

In addition, you will also receive our special VIP consulting and booking service:

• Price research on trips, arrangements, etc.
• Gift service

By the way: As the owner of the CASUAL CARD White Edition, we cordially invite you to our ultimate member specials four times a year.

Price: only 399 CHF/Year