We have a contract with all partners presented on our homepage with which we have agreed on the individual conditions for casual card members. Nevertheless, it can happen that one or the other offer is not approved.

Possible reasons are:

• You have not been placed on the guest list (not always necessary)
• Staff changes, new staff not informed
• Club is not a firm contract partner but only through our event label Partners
• Non-compliance Club policies (age, clothing, etc.)

• Non-compliance with club policies (age, clothes, etc.)
• Guest list full or late (guestlist often limited by 11pm)
• Third party club has hired = no partnership
• Casual Card has cooperation with event label, not club
• Staff change, new staff not informed

Restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, coiffure, wellness, etc. 
• Map not notified before ordering / booking
• Staff not informed

We take such incidents seriously, which is why we ask you to contact us immediately! Only then can we act and solve the problem with our partners.

For questions that we could not answer here, please contact our hotline or send us an email to

NO, all price advantages and free drinks refer to non-alcoholic beverages, resp. SOFT alcoholic drinks like (beer, champagne, wine etc.)!

No, the card is personal and non-transferable. A partner card is available for a lower annual premium.
Conditions for the purchase see terms and conditions.

We have a “Member recruits member” program. For each newly recruited member of a “Casual Card White Edition” you will receive a one-off bonus of 75 CHF or you can choose one of our advertising awards. Print the registration form from our website, fill out, sign and send it to the address of your country.

Yes gladly. If you suggest us as a member a partner, which would be an enrichment for the casual card members, we are happy to follow the suggestion and get in touch.

You are always welcome to contact us via the contact form on our homepage. But also directly under 

Important: Your First Name as well as a telephone number or email address.

If you have not received a card or a letter within the first 14 days, please contact your country’s line:

Switzerland: +49 896 666 67 10

Either you will be informed immediately or you will be contacted.

Yes, all services where “showing the card” is not necessary can be used in the system from the beginning (about 3-4 days from the signature date).
This concerns booking services, price inquiries, gift service as well as club or event entries.

If you have ordered a Prepaid Casual Card you will receive it in addition. The White or Black Card is for use with the Casual Card Services and will be delivered within 14-20 days. The Purple Card will be sent to you upon receipt of payment.

As a means of payment you can use Casual Card worldwide at all Master Card acceptance points with pin function. Otherwise, you will benefit from all the advantages, including price advantages, UPGRADES and various other advantages.

The contract for the casual card has a term of at least 2 years. Thereafter, the contract is automatically extended by one more year.

You can cancel the contract within 14 days of the application. This in writing and registered at the address of the respective country.
Termination on expiry:
Terminations on expiry must arrive at least 3 months before expiration. This in writing and registered at the address of the respective country.

The payment must be made immediately after receipt of invoice. Invoicing varies from country to country, but can also be done before the card arrives.


Reminder fee from the second reminder  20 CHF/ 15 €.

You will receive the card within 14-20 days from the order date.

The Casual Card works exclusively with external outlets and call centers. Upon completion, which is legally valid on the basis of admission, you will receive a welcome letter from the casual card, including a brochure, terms and conditions and a magazine. We grant all our customers, which were closed by external sales points, a withdrawal period of 14 days.


The CASUAL CARD is a sensation for anyone who loves fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. Our members enjoy their lives in trendy bars and exclusive restaurants. As a CASUAL CARD user, you get price advantages or even free admission in many bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Special discounts in hairdressing and cosmetics salons as well as fitness centers are among the highlights of the CASUAL CARD. Price research, gift service and bookings complete the lifestyle package perfectly.

Inform yourself regularly where you can use your member card and which benefits you will benefit from. Constantly growing partnerships offer you a diverse range of products that meet the most diverse needs.

Become a CASUAL CARD member, because: