Saving Card for Switzerland

A visit to the hairdresser, a visit to the best beauty salon in the city, the latest fashion line in the trendy fashion boutique around the corner and a cocktail after work in the new bar in the trendy district – exclusive lifestyle makes life unique and unique.

But high standards also have their price. Those who always want to live up to date and keep their finger on the pulse have to reach deep into their wallets in Switzerland too. In order to attract and retain new customers, many clubs, bars, restaurants and boutiques offer a special savings card, which gives consumers attractive discounts when used on a regular basis. But who wants to spend his free time with each club and restaurant? The Casual Card is the savings card for exclusive leisure activities in Switzerland.

Saving Card Purple
Luxury is not a matter of age

The Casual Card Purple Edition is the free savings card for young people. Because at the age of 16 to 18 years, life really starts, and beauty, fashion, fun and party are becoming increasingly important. So that potential new customers can use the shops, service providers and restaurateurs around the sophisticated lifestyle at an early stage, various companies offer young users of the Saving Card in the Purple Edition great offers and perks.

In addition to discount offers and free admission to participating bars and clubs, the Saving card offers many options for sports, beauty and lifestyle around growing up. Fitness studios and beauty salons are also part of the Purple Edition Casual Card’s partners, such as driving schools and piercing studios. Growing up is twice as fun with this young Saving Card.

Saving Card White
Affordable Luxury for All

Those who value lucrative perks and value individualized service and advice are well advised to take the Casual Card White Edition. This special savings card offers its users with a small annual fee not only attractive special conditions in many bars, clubs and restaurants, but also provides coveted seats on guest lists, personal VIP advice and services for travel and short breaks. Every three months, White Edition customers receive the informative lifestyle magazine “First the Magazine”, in which, in addition to reports on stars and celebrities, the latest partners in the casual card attract attention and announce specials, parties and club celebrations.

In addition, owners of a Saving Card White Edition can use the service for price research. No matter what product or service is of interest, a short request is sufficient and the best offers flutter immediately in the inbox. This service not only saves money, but also valuable time. The situation is similar with the in-house gift service of the Casual Card. A quick call for help and the dedicated staff are happy to provide suggestions and help for a last-minute gift.

Saving Card Black
Luxury and VIP status worldwide

The Black Edition of the Casual Card is much more than a savings card. Owners of the Black Edition receive all the benefits and services of the Saving Card Purple and White Edition.

In addition, members of the black savings card enjoy attractive perks and VIP treatment in all cooperating Black Edition clubs worldwide. These include parking services, special special services in first-class hotels and concierge services at any time of day or night.